Martha Clarke

Martha Clarke

Clarke Mediation UK

grew from my passion for mediation and the reward of  seeing people being able to move on with their lives.  Once I started working as a mediator I knew I was in the right place and at the right time.  It just seemed inevitable that I would grow and develop in the field and this is what happened.  Mediation provides people with the time and space to explore their issues in a constructive rather than adversarial way and allows them to hear each other and to be heard.  Something that so rarely happens in today.

I am a qualified workplace, (NOCN accredited) and civil commercial (ADRg Accredited) mediator, trainer and coach (ICF Accredited), working with public and corporate sector organisations in the UK and overseas.  

My current role follows a career in journalism and communications.  I spent over 20 years working as a broadcaster and journalist and leading the media agenda of a number of international development agencies.  I successfully combine my communications experience, first-hand knowledge of global conflict and my academic background in psychology in my work as a mediator, conflict coach, facilitator and trainer.

I have connections with many other mediators equally committed to promoting the use of mediation as an accessible, effective and pragmatic approach to conflict.  Clarke Mediation UK works to deliver exactly what the client needs when and where they want it.