When two people are in conflict at work it can have an enormous affect on a business.  Feelings are high and concentration is low - affecting productivity. Bullying, racism and sexism are just some of the issues that can be resolved through mediation.  In a day-long process parties explore what’s really going on between them and find a way forward.

Group Mediation

If a group, team, department or board are in conflict it can be really detrimental to the effectiveness of an organisation.  Group mediation allows everyone to be heard in a safe environment and to air grievances in a constructive way. Rivalry, cliques and power struggles are often seen in a different light, enabling the group to develop a new approach to working together.


Workplace conflict costs the UK more than £24 billion pounds a year and around 370 million working days. - CIPD

Some agreement is reached in over 80% of workplace mediations. - ACAS